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Adair, James: Adair’s History of the American Indians
Adams, Alexander B.: Geronimo
Adams, Alexander B.: Sitting Bull
Albrechtsen, Lis: Med tipi og mokkasiner, dragter, smykker, redskaber
Allen, Hervey: The Forest and the Fort
Athearn, Robert G.: The West, an American Experience
Athearn, Robert G.: Forts of the Upper Missouri
Ambrose, Stephen E.: Crazy Horse and Custer
American Heritage Book of Great Adventures of the West, The
Andrews, Ralph W.: Curtis’ Western Indians
Arnold, Elliot: Blood Brother

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B.I.A. – I’m not Your Indian Anymore
Bad Heart Bull, Amos: A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux
Ball, Eve: In the Days of Victorio
Barbour, Philip L.: Pochahontas and Her World
Bass, Althea: The Arapahoe Way
Bathi, Tom: Southwestern Indian Ceromonies
Baur, P: Indianere
Beal, Merrill D.: ‘I Will Fight No More Forever’
Berger, Thomas: En god dag at dø
Bertrong, Donald J.: The Southern Cheyenne
Black Hawk: Black Hawk – selvbiografi
Blevins, Winfred: Charbonneau – Man of two Dreams
Blumrich, J. F.: Kasskra – Hopiernes verden
Bonham, Frank: Chief
Borland, Hall: When the Legends Die
Boyd, Doug: Rolling Thunder
Brennan, Louis A.: No Stone Unturned
Brinistool, E. A.: Fighting Indian Warriors
Brophy, William A. m. fl.: The Indian – America’s Unfinished Business
Brown, Dee: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Brown, Dee: Fort Phil Kearney – An American Saga
Brown, Dee: The Fetterman Massacre
Brown, Dee: The Galvanized Yankees
Brown, Dee: The Girl form Fort Wicked
Burland, Cottie: North American Indian Mythology
Burnette, Robert: The Road to Wounded Knee

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Chief Joseph White Bull: The Warrior who killed Custer
Collin I, Tayler: De indfødte amerikanere
Cronyn, G. (ed.) American Indian Poetry

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Danot, Marique: Taliko, indianerdrengen
Davis, Britton: The Truth about Geronimo
Davis, Chrisopher: North American Indians
Deloria, Vine, Jr.: Of Outmost Good Faith
Deloria, Vine, Jr.: We talk, you listen
Deloria, Vine, Jr.: Behind the Trails of Broken Treaties
Deloria, Vine, Jr.: Custer Died for Your Sins
Dempsey, Hugh A.: Crowfoot – Chief of the Blackfeet
Denig, Edwin Th.: Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri
Devereux, George: Mohave Ethnopsychiatry
Dixon, Joseph K.: The Vanishing Race
Donal, Gale: Sooshewan, barn af Beothukfolket
Driver, Harold E.: Indians of North America

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Eastman, Charles E. (Ohiyesa): Indian Brotherhood
Eggan, Fred: The American Indian
Embree, Edwin R.: Indians of the Americas
Ewers, John C.: Indian Life on the Upper Missouri
Ewers, John C.: The Blackfeet
Ewers, John C.: The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture

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Farb, Peter: Man’s Rise to Civilisation
Fast, Howard: The Last Frontier
Faulk, Odie B.: The Geronimo Campaign
Fehrenbach, T. R.: Comanches – The Destruction of a People
Fey, Harold & McNickle, D’Arcy: Indians and Other Americans
Fiedler, Leslie A.: The Return of the Vanishing American

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Garcia, Andrew: Tough Trip Through Paradise 1878-79
Georgakas, Dan: The Broken Hoop
Geronimo: Geronimo – His Own Story
Gibson, A. M.: The Kickapoos – Lords of the Middle Border
Goble, Paul: Det store væddeløb
Gordon, Suzanne: Black Mesa – The Angel of Death
Grey, Zane: Bøffelkrigen
Grey, Zane: The Last of the Plainsmen

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Hagan, William T.: The Sac and Fox Indians
Hale, Janet Campbell: The Owl’s Song
Halpen, Helen m. fl.: Red Indians – The First Indians
Halsell, Grace: Bessie Yellowhair
Hanauer, Elsie V.: Dolls of the Indians
Harrington, M. R.: The Indians of New Jersey
Hasarich, Royal B: The Colorful Story of North American Indians
Haycox, Ernest: Bugles in the Afternoon
Henry, Will: From Where the Sun Now Stands
Hoebel, E. Adamson: The Cheyennes
Hoig, Stan: The Sand Creek Massacre
Holder, Preston: The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains
Hooker, Forrestine C.: Star – The Story of a Red Boy
Horan, James D.: The Great American West
Hungry Wolf, Adolf: The Good Medicine Book
Hunt, George T.: The Wars of the Iroquois
Hyde, George E.: Indians of the High Plains
Hyde, George E.: Red Cloud’s Folk – A History of the Oglala Sioux Indians
Hyde, George E.: Spotted Tail’s Folk – A History of the Brulé Sioux

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I Have Spoken – American History Through the Voices of the Indians
Indian Basket Weaving (The Navahoo School of the Indian Basketry)
Indians, The (Time-Life Books)
Iron Eyes Cody: Indian Talk – Hand Signals of the American Indian
Irving, John Treat, Jr.: Indian Sketches

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Jayne, Mitchell F.: Old Fish Hawk
Josephy, Alvin M., Jr.: The Indian Heritage of America
Josephy, Alvin M., Jr.: The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest
Josephy, Alvin M., Jr.: The Patriot Chiefs
Judie, Boop: Livets træ

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Kelly, Fanny: My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
Kennedy, Dan (Ochankugahe): Recollections of an Assiniboine Chief
Knox, Alexander: Night of the White Bear
Kopit, Arthur: Indians
Kroeber, Theodore: Ishi – Last of His Tribe

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La Farge, Oliver: A Pictoral History of the American Indian
La Farge, Oliver: Laughing Boy
La Flesche, Francis: A Dictionary of the Osage Language
Lafferty, R. A.: Okjla Hannali
Leaves, Lori: Indian Masks
Levine & Lurie (ed.): American Indian Today, The
Lindermann, Frank B.: Plenty Coups – Chief of the Crows
Lindermann, Frank B.: Pretty Shield – Medicine Woman of the Crows
Lindholm, Stig: Er indianere mennesker?
Lips, Eva: De er alle sammen indianere
Locke , Raymond Friday: The Book of the Navajo
Longstreet, Stephen: War Cries on Horseback
Lott, Milton: Dance back the Buffalo
Lowie, Robert H.: The Crow Indians

A B C D E F G H I J  K L  M  N O P R S T U V W Y

Mallery, Garrick: Picture-Writing of the American Indians
Manfred, Frederick: Scarlet Plume
Marquis, Thomas B.: Greasy Grass – om slaget ved Little Big Horn
Marriot, Alice & Rachlin, Carol K.: American Epic – The Story of the American Indian
Marriot, Alice: Sequoyah: Leader of the Cherokees
Marskall, S. L. A.: Crimsoned Prairie
Masterpieces of the Indian and Eskimo Art from Canada
Mathews, John J.: The Osages – Children of the Middle Waters
Mayer, J. W.: Famous Indian Chiefs
Mayhall, Mildred P: The Kiowas
McLuhan, T. C.: Touch the Earth
McNickle, D’Arcy: The indian Tribes of the United States
McReynolds, Edwin C.: The Seminoles
Mitchell, E. B. & Allen, T. D. : Miracle Hill – The Story of a Navajo Boy
Momaday, N. Scott: House Made of Dawn
Moorhead, Max L.: The Apache Frontier
Murray, Keith A.: The Modocs and their Wars
Myers, J. Jay: Red Chiefs and the White Challengers

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Niethammer, Carolyn: Daughter of the Earth
Norman, John: Ghost Dance

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Ohiyesa (Charles E. Eastman): Indian Brotherhood
O’Kane, Walter C.: Sun in the Sky
Olsen, R. L.: The Quinault Indians – Adze, Canoe and House Types of the Northwest Coast
Olsen, Theodora V.: Soldier Blue
Opler, Morris Edward: An Apache Life-Way

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Pinney, Roy: Vanishing Tribes
Point, Nicholas S. J.: Wilderness Kingdom – Indian Life in the Rocky Mountains
Powers, William K.: Indians of the Northern Plains

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Radin, Paul: The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian
Raphael, Ralph B.: The Book of the American Indians
Red Fox, Chief: The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox
Remington, Frederick: 173 Drawings and Illustrations
Reynolds, Jr.,Ch. R. (ed.): American Indian Portraits from the Wanamaker Expedition of 1913
Richardson, Boyce: Strangers Devour the Land
Rosebud Yellow Robe (Lacotawin): An Album of the American Indian
Rossi, Paul A. & Hunt, David C.: The Art of the Old West
Russel, Francis: The French and the Indian Wars

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Salerno, Vanderburg: Shamanens datter
Sandoz, Mari: Cheyenne Autumn
Sandoz, Mari: Crazy Horse
Sandoz, Mari: The Battle of Little Big Horn
Santee, Ross: Apache Land
Scerer, Joanna C. & Walker, Jean B.: Indians
Schumacher, Eugen: The Last of the Wild – On the Tracks of Rare Animals
Scmitt, Martin F. & Brown, Dee: Fighting Indians of the West
Scott, Lalla: Karnee – A Paiute Narrative
Seger, John H.: Early Days among the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians
Seton, Ernest Th. m. fl.: The Gospel of the Redman
Shorris, Earl: The Death of the Great Spirit
Shuler, Linda Lay: Kvinden der husker
Shuler, Linda Lay: Ørnens stemme
Silverberg, Robert: Home of the Redman
Simpson, James H.: Navaho Expedition
Smith, Patrick D.: Forever Island
Sonichsen, C. L.: The Mescalero Apaches
Spencer, J. H.: Red Man
Stands In Timber, John: Cheyenne Memoirs
Steiner, Stan: The New Indian

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Taylor, Colin: The Warriors of the Plains
Thrapp, Dan L.: The Conquest of Apacheria
Tomkins, William: Indian Sign Language
Trenholm, Virginia m. fl.: The Shoshonies – Sentinels of the Rockies
Tunis, Edwin: Indianere

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Ulyatt, Kenneth: Custer’s Gold
Underhill, Ruth M.: Singing for Power – The Song of the Papago Indians
Underhill, Ruth M.: The Navajos
Unrau, William E.: The Kansa Indian
Utley, Robert M.: The Last Days of the Sioux Nation

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Van Every, Dale: Disinherited – The Lost Birthright of the American Indian
Van Every, Dale: The Day the Sun Died
Vestal, Stanley: Sitting Bull – Champion of the Sioux
Vlahos, Olivia: Indian Cultures in the Americas
Vogel, Virgil J.: American Indian Medicine

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Wallace, Ernest & Hoebel, E. A.: The Comanches – Lords of the South Plains
Waters, Frank: Book of the Hopi
Waters, Frank: Masked Gods – Navaho and Pueblo Ceromonialism
Waters, Frank: The Man Who Killed The Deer
Welch, James: Winter in the Blood
Wellman, Paul I.: Death on the Prairie
Wellman, Paul I.: Indian Wars and Warriors/East
Wellman, Paul I.: Indian Wars and Warriors/West
Wellman, Paul I.: The Blazing Southwest
Weltfish, Gene: The Lost Universe – The Way of Life of the Pawnee
Whitewolf, Jim: The Life of a Kiowa Apache Indian
Winged Serpent, The – An Anthology of American Indian Prose and Poetry
Wissler, Clark: The American Indian
Woodward, Grace Steele: The Cherokees
Wright, Muriel H.: A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma
Wrone, David R.: Who The Savage?

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Yenn, Bill: The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Tribes